VIDEO. Charlie Dalin’s new IMOCA designed by Guillaume Verdier and his team, is unveiled

The Imoca MACIF – Santé Prévoyance will be launched on June 24. Before the launch, Charlie Dalin’s team unveils the new 60-footer designed by Guillaume Verdier in a web series entitled “The birth of an Imoca”, the first episode of which follows: conception.

The Imoca Macif – Santé Prévoyance is unveiled. While we wait to discover Charlie Dalin’s new boat, which will be launched in Concarneau on June 24, the team takes us inside the creation process of this new 60-footer designed by Guillaume Verdier.

The boats of the previous generation had a lot of trouble exploiting their potential, because they swam so much,” explains Guillaume Combescure, Macif’s technical manager. So the aim is to improve their behavior in the sea. It’s going to hit harder, but it’s going to slow down less.

The aim is also to limit the amount of movement in the boat, which requires a lot of energy,” adds Charlie Dalin. So we tried to condense the zones.” While we can’t yet see much of the new boat, we do know that the cockpit will be forward of the living area.

“The boat is not very common,” says architect Guillaume Verdier. “We’ve learned a lot since the last Vendée Globe. There have been a lot of developments in foil profiles, especially those with little surface area. And that’s something we learned from the last America’s Cup.”

Copyright : Maxime Horlaville / Disobey / Macif

Source: @Voiles et voiliers