AC 50 – Team New Zealand

Construction: 2016 – 2017
Skipper: Peter Berling
Racing programme: America’s cup


©Hamish Hooper

©Hamish Hooper

  • Length: 13,45 m / 50′
  • Width: 6,90 m / 22’6”

Race records:

America’s Cup 2017 Victory

Guillaume Verdier, naval architect, in collaboration with the Team for the design of the AC 50:

“For the Cup’s second edition, which involved a flying multihull, we were invited to join the ETNZ design team. The team was successfully led by our coordinator, Danièle Bernasconi, and was a collaboration between engineers, programmers, CFD experts, performers and more.

We worked in a flat organization, with numerous technical exchanges within the sailing team. The architectural aspects that we enjoyed more freedom with, included:

  • Foil design
  • Rudder design
  • Mechanical systems enabling their adjustments
  • Design of mechanical systems allowing the wing settings
  • Platform aerodynamics
  • Deck plan ergonomics
  • Mechatronics (mechanical and electrical)

In collaboration with the team, my role allowed me to focus on the geometric and structural design of the appendages (rudder and foils).”

Photos © Hamish Hooper

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