AC 50 – Team New Zealand

construction : 2016 – 2017
Skipper : Peter Berling
racing programme : America’s cup


©Hamish Hooper

©Hamish Hooper

  • Length : 13,45 m / 50′
  • Width : 6,90 m / 22’6”

Race records :

Victory of the America’s cup 2017

Guillaume Verdier, naval architect, in collaboration with the Team for the design of the AC 50:

“For the Cup’s second edition involving flying multihulls, we were invited to join the ETNZ design team. This team work was led by our coordinator Danièle Bernasconi. The collaboration among the group of engineers, programmers, CFD experts, performers, etc. went really well. We worked in a flat organization with numerous technical exchanges with the sailing team. The architectural aspects we enjoyed more freedom with were:

  • Foil design
  • Rudder design
  • Mechanical systems enabling their adjustments
  • Design of mechanical systems allowing the wing settings
  • Platform aerodynamics
  • Deck plan ergonomics
  • Mechatronics (mechanics /electronics)

My role is related to the geometric and structural design of the appendages (rudder and foils). I work in collaboration with the entire team.

Photos © Hamish Hooper

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