Guillaume Verdier Collaborateurs VPLP

Guillaume Verdier’s co-workers

Guillaume Verdier met Benjamin Muyl, Hervé Penfornis and Romaric Neyhousser within the Aquitaine Design Team in 2001, when they were working on the design of the Hydraplaneur Médiatis Région Aquitaine, initiated by Yves Parlier. From this technological adventure, a fruitful and prolific friendship ensued. Today, whenever the opportunity arises, Guillaume Verdier makes the most of each one’s skills for his own office’s projects.


Benjamin Muyl - guillaume Verdier Collaborateurs

Benjamin Muyl, Arts et Métiers engineer

Graduate engineer, Benjamin Muyl worked for the VPLP architecture office for five years, before joining Aquitaine Design Team, at the same time as Guillaume Verdier in 2001. Their collaboration continued within the Areva Challenge Design Team, where they were asked to take part in the architectural development of the FRA 93 Class America, challenger of the America’s Cup 2007.

Training. ENSAM. Masters degree specialised in quality management / ENSAM engineer’s degree / Mathématiques supérieures et specialité technologiques

Major professional references. VPLP / Aquitaine Design Team / Areva-Challenge Design Team

Hervé Penfornis

Hervé Penfornis, designer and composite material technician

In 2003, Hervé Penfornis joined the Aquitaine Design Team in order to conceive Yves Parlier’s Hydraplaneur. One year later, he worked for the Team Banque Populaire, ensuring the follow-up of the transformations of Pascal Bidegorry’s Banque Populaire IV trimaran.

In 2005, Areva-Challenge’s Design Team contacted him to prepare the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia. His missions were the integration of mechanical systems on the deck plan, developing the boat’s construction plans and construction follow-up. In 2008, Hervé Penfornis was contacted by United Internet Team Germany to prepare the 33rd America’s Cup.

Training. Engineering and design department technician specialised in CAO / University Degree on the implementation of plastic and composite materials / Materials DEUST (University degree).

Major professional references. Banque Populaire IV trimaran project / Aquitaine Design Team / Areva-Challenge Design Team

Romaric neyhousser - Collaborateurs

Romaric Neyhousser, engineer, technician and sailor

After in depth mechanics studies, Romaric Neyhousser worked nearly ten years in close collaboration with Yves Parlier, first on the preparation of his Open 60’ Aquitaine Innovations, then on the design of the Hydraplaneur Médiatis Région Aquitaine.

He continued to collaborate with Guillaume Verdier on various projects.

Training. Master of advanced studies in mechanics, specialised in fluids / Masters in mechanics, materials and structures option / mechanics degree / Physical Mathematics university degree.

Major professional references. Aquitaine Design Team / Narros shipyard (Arcachon, France)