2012 – Mini 6.50 – Generic One

Design of Generic One, a mini 6.50

Launch : 2012
Designer : Guillaume Verdier
Builder : Raphael Coldefy
Owner : Serge Viviand
Programme : Mini Transat

Generic One is the name of the new Verdier design, which will undoubtedly make its future owner very happy.

Guillaume Verdier : “Our aim, as we worked on this project with Serge Viviand, was to build a real masterpiece, with fine lines. A wholesome, powerful, simple and well-built boat. A great toy basically.

Unlike many prototypes that have become real white elephants, we favoured simplicity to optimize reliability and make solo sailing easier.

In terms of performance, this boat takes advantage of dynamic lift with the aim of reducing ballast weight to a maximum. A high aspect ratio rig with larger head sails than usual, which gives them more power.

Serge Viviand and Guillaume Verdier chose to give the future skipper the opportunity to take part in the project by makings his own decisions concerning the equipment, fittings, and rigging of Generic One.

Thus, the hull built in a female mold ready for lamination, is now ready to be painted, like the roof. The deck and cockpit are in rough carbon so that the future owner can set up his fittings or other systems before the paint job.

This prototype was built in Brazil, thanks to the expertise of the team led by Raphaël Coldefy, former workshop manager of the Artech do Brasil shipyard– located near Maceio (Brazil).

Registered in the Classe Mini under n°789, this full carbon new generation prototype should soon be the talk of the pontoons.

Photos de la construction du bateau

Crédits photos : Serge Viviand

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